Congratulations to Juan Miguel Arias who received the Kennedy-Diamond Award for Community Engaged Learning and Research from the Haas Center.


The Stanford Alumni Association recognized lab member Veronica Lin with a Community Impact Award in recognition of her efforts fostering “a sense of belonging and inspiring enthusiasm among fellow grad students.”


In the first all-virtual, fully online defense in our lab, Lynne Zummo defended her dissertation titled, Navigating climate change: The role of politics in youth discourse and scientific reasoningCongratulations, Dr. Zummo!


Congratulations to Shannon Switzer Swanson, whom the VPGE named a Lieberman Fellow thanks to her potential for leadership in academia.


Prof. Nicole Ardoin and colleagues Drs. Alison Bowers and Estelle Gaillard publish article on environmental education’s contributions to conservation and environmental-quality outcomes.


Prof. Nicole Ardoin spoke at the U.S. CE3 Women in Clean Energy Symposium in College Station, TX, on a keynote panel titled, “Inspiring the Next Generation for Clean Energy Transformation.”

Prof. Nicole Ardoin gave a keynote at the NAAEE Research Symposium in Lexington, KY, where she highlighted the role of rational hope, actionable insights, and a supportive community to stay motivated in light of today’s overwhelming environmental challenges.


Prof. Nicole Ardoin and colleagues speak at the Accelerating Climate Solutions symposium on Stanford Campus.
Huge congratulations to lab member Veronica Lin who was selected as one of NAAEE’s “30 Under 30” Leaders in Environmental Education!

The Social Ecology Lab, with support from the Pisces Foundation, produced a series of briefs on Environmental Literacy. Read about the background here.


Congratulations to our Social Ecology Lab graduates this year in both the GSE and E-IPER: Jenna Forsyth, Staci Lewis, Indira Phukan, and Stephanie Rafanelli.


Congratulations to Indira Phukan and Stephanie Rafanelli for defending their dissertations, making June 4 a double-header day! Indira’s dissertation is titled, “Enacting Environmentalism: Opportunities for Inclusion in Environmental Education,” and Stephanie’s is, “The Few Who Persist: Supporting the Development of Science Interest in Adolescent Girls.”


Congratulations Lab Member Kristen Green! She won Runner-Up Best PhD Talk at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium for her dissertation work, “Climate Change Impacts on Access to Coastal Resources by Subsistence Harvesters in Arctic National Parks: Implications for NPS management.”


Prof. Nicole Ardoin honored by Clemson Institute for Parks with the William C. Everhart Award for excellence in research and practice that supports interpretation and education in parks and protected areas.


Prof. Nicole Ardoin named to the Stanford Woods Institute’s inaugural group of fellows in the LInC, a program focused on principles of collaborative leadership for outstanding environmental researchers.


That’s a wrap for the 2017-2018 year! We had a great end-of-year celebration (thanks to the Stanford Farm for hosting us!), which included toasting to many monumental life events including finished dissertations, quals exams, new faculty positions, weddings, and babies. Happy summering!

Tanner Vea

Tanner Vea defended his dissertation titled, “Political Animals: Emotion, Materiality, and Media in the Learning of Animal Liberation Activists.” Congratulations, Tanner!

Becky Niemiec

Congratulations to Becky Niemiec on defending her dissertation, “The Multi-Scalar Drivers of Resident Invasive Species Control Action in Hawai'i.”

Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang defended her dissertation on ”Putting Individuals in Context: Interdisciplinary and Behavioral Science Approaches for Understanding Environmental and Human Health Decisions."  Congratulations, Jen!


Nicole Ardoin awarded the Haas Center’s Roland Volunteer Service Prize. The Roland Prize is an annual award presented by the Haas Center for Public Service to a faculty member who involves students in integrating academic scholarship with volunteer service to society.


Congratulations to Anna Lee! Stanford’s Haas Center for Public Service awarded her the Kennedy-Diamond Award for Excellence in Community-Engaged Learning and Research in recognition for her dedication to community-engaged research, teaching, and service.


Prof. Nicole Ardoin talks about “Learning from the Outdoors” on StanfordRadio interview on SiriusXM interview by Dean Dan Schwartz of the Stanford Graduate School of Education and Dr. Denise Pope of Challenge Success.


Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment selected lab member Indira Phukan as a Rising Environmental Leaders Fellow. Congratulations, Indira!


Nicole Ardoin was named the Acting Director of the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (EIPER)


Prof. Nicole Ardoin was one of two keynote speakers at the 2017 Fuller Symposium, with this year’s theme being, “The Nature of Change: The science of influencing behavior.”


Prof. Nicole Ardoin was a symposium speaker at the Inaugural Research Symposium of the World Environmental Education Congress, held in Vancouver, BC. Prof. Ardoin’s focus during the symposium was on connecting research and practice. See overview of pre-readings provided to researcher participants.


As part of NAAEE and EPA’s ee360 initiative, the Ardoin Social Ecology Lab hosted a Research/Practice Design-Thinking Workshop at Stanford’s


Prof. Nicole Ardoin named as an Osher Fellow at the Exploratorium.


Congratulations to Dan Reineman, whose exemplary work with the Wrigley Field Program in Hawai'i won him the Walter J. Gores Award, the university's highest teaching honor! And huge congratulations to Dan on his new position as assistant professor in the Environmental Science and Resource Management program at California State University Channel Islands.


Congratulations to KC Busch, who begins a position as an assistant professor of STEM education at North Carolina State University! Read more about KC’s work and the Leadership in Public Science Cluster.

blue sky

Working with the Blue Sky Funders Forum, Prof. Nicole Ardoin and Dr. Kathleen O’Connor offered an interactive learning series of webinars for environmental and conservation funders. Topics included the relationship of research and evaluation, grantmaking strategies and processes, and growing impact. More information available here.


In honor of Earth Day, Prof. Nicole Ardoin joined panel including Prof. Tony Barnowsky, director of Jasper Ridge and UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus, and French filmmaker Cyril Dion for Stanford screening of Tomorrow.


The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) honored Prof. Nicole Ardoin with their “Outstanding Contributions to Research in Environmental Education” award.


Prof. Nicole Ardoin’s team is an institutional partner—along with 11 NGOs, universities, and federal agencies—in ee360, the US EPA’s newly awarded capacity building grant for environmental education professionals.


Prof. Nicole Ardoin and colleagues awarded a $1.75mm NSF Coastal SEES Grant to study climate change and coast redwood resilience. Nicole’s team, including lab member Lauren Oakes, will focus on attitudes and behaviors of redwood park visitors and local residents.


In recognition of their commitment to community-engaged research and service, lab members Jenna Forsyth, Shannon Switzer, Jose Urteaga, and Lynne Zummo have been selected as part of the 2016-2017 Haas Center Graduate Public Service Fellows cohort. Congratulations!


Prof. Nicole Ardoin named Academic Affiliate at the Center for Responsible Travel.


Congratulations to Dr. Dan Reineman, who has been hired as a lecturer on the Educational Initiatives team in Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences (SE3). His focus will be on developing new, innovative undergraduate courses for SE3 and continuing to teach in SE3’s Wrigley Program in Hawai’i.


Study on energy behavior of Girl Scouts and their families published in Nature Energy receives attention from the press, including the Washington Post, LA Times, and Scientific American.


Research on travel philanthropy highlighted in coastal conservation publication "Pulling at the Heartstrings Loosens the Purse Strings"


Congratulations to Social Ecology PhD graduates: In the Graduate School of Education, KC Busch and Kathleen O’Connor, and in EIPER, Nik Sawe, Aaron Strong, and Michael Ovadia. Best wishes to each of you!


End-of-year gathering for the Social Ecology Lab included celebrations for numerous PhD graduates and launching for postdocs to new positions.


Congratulations to Dr. Kathleen O’Connor who defended her dissertation titled, “Exploring Environmental Identities: A qualitative study of children’s and youth’s reflections on residential environmental education experiences.” She will be a postdoctoral scholar with NatureBridge (, where she will focus on socio-emotional learning within residential, field-based environmental science education.


Aaron Strong defended his dissertation titled, “Knowledge to Action in the Anthropocene: Understanding and managing biogeochemical cycles under anthropogenic global change.” He begins a position as Assistant Professor at the University of Maine’s School of Marine Sciences in fall 2016. Congratulations, Dr. Strong!


Congratulations to Dr. K.C. Busch! She defended her dissertation titled, “The Framing of Climate Change in School Science” and will be beginning a postdoctoral fellowship in the Stanford Graduate School of Education.


Congratulations to Dr. Carly Sponarski, postdoctoral scholar, who will be an Assistant Professor at the University of Maine’s department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology, starting in fall 2016.


Prof. Nicole Ardoin interviewed Bill Nye during the Graduate School of Education’s annual Cubberley Lecture; Nye urges mass mobilization and action on climate change.


Briefing report released from NSF and Wellcome Trust project on the long-term effects of science learning in zoos and aquariums. Nicole Ardoin is co-PI along with colleagues from WCS, ZSL, and Lancaster University.

Lab members and GSE PhD student Indira Phukan and ICE master’s student Rachel Tripathy’s writing on using art-based embedded assessment is featured on the American Evaluation Association (AEA) 365 blog

Anna Lee, Carly Sponarski, and Nicole Ardoin organized the Woods Institute’s Young Environmental Scholars Conference for more than 80 graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from around campus:


Postdoctoral Scholar Carly Sponarski has been selected as part of the 2016 Woods Rising Environmental Leaders cohort:


Congratulations to Dr. Nik Sawe, who successfully defended his dissertation titled, “The Neuroeconomics of Environmental Decision-Making: Individual Differences and Behavior.” He will be continuing his work on environmental decisionmaking and behavior as a postdoctoral scholar at the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center.


Environmental Education Research Bulletin #6 (July-December 2014), a collaborative project with ChangeScale, NatureBridge, and Dr. Nicole Ardoin, is available to download. The Research Bulletins summarize recently reported research of interest to environmental educators. All issues of the Environmental Education Research Bulletins are available on the ChangeScale website:


Research on climate change-related language in California textbooks, published in Environmental Education Research, by lab member KC Busch and alum Diego Roma has been highlighted in numerous press outlets, including the San Francisco Chronicle and the Guardian.


Nicole Ardoin’s environmental education course highlighted on Stanford’s Teaching Commons website:


Download Environmental Education Research Bulletin #5 (January-June 2013), a collaborative project with ChangeScale, NatureBridge, and Dr. Nicole Ardoin at Stanford University. The Research Bulletins synthesize and summarize recently reported research from journals focused on issues pertaining to environmental educators. All issues of the Environmental Education Research Bulletins are available from the ChangeScale website: 


​Prof. Nicole Ardoin was a keynote speaker at the Research Symposium of the North American Association for Environmental Education’s Annual Conference.


Lauren Oakes’s work, which uses an integrated social-ecological systems approach, discusses how climate change may require rethinking protected areas management. Her work was published in a Biological Conservation article, co-authored with Nicole Ardoin and others, and highlighted in numerous news articles, including


Prof. Nicole Ardoin was interviewed about environmental education and the NAAEE Conference in San Diego by the local NPR affiliate.


Congratulations to Dr. Rachelle Gould on her new position at the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School and Environmental Program! 


Becky Niemiec, Indira Phukan and Anna Lee were selected as Haas Graduate Public Service Fellows for 2015-2016. Congratulations, Becky, Indira and Anna!



Congratulations to Dr. Dan Reineman, who successfully defended his dissertation titled, “The Human Dimensions of Wave Resource Management in California.” He will be continuing his work on coastal connections and natural resource management as a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford’s Bill Lane Center for the American West.


Congratulations to Graduate School of Education PhD graduates Matt Biggar and Rebecah Davis; and EIPER PhD graduates Amanda Cravens, Lauren Oakes, Dan Reineman, and Nicola Ulibarri. Best wishes to each of you!


Congratulations to Dr. Matt Biggar! Matt defended his dissertation, titled:  Everyday Life Behaviors and the Environment: The role of conditions, human needs, and learning in personal transportation choices.


In recognition of her innovative and interdisciplinary work on climate change education, KC Busch was awarded a Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF). Congratulations, KC!


Lauren Oakes defended her dissertation titled, Forest communities in a changing climate: social and ecological responses to yellow-cedar decline in the Alexander Archipelago, Alaska. Congratulations, Dr. Oakes!


Nicola Ulibarri defended her dissertation titled, Collaborating for People and Nature: Assessing the Impacts of Collaborative Governance in Federal Hydropower Licensing. Congratulations, Dr. Ulibarri!


Congratulations to Dr. Rebecah Davis! She defended her dissertation titled, “Does Knowledge Matter? An investigation of the relationship between mental models of climate change and proenvironmental behaviors.”


Nicole Ardoin (Co-PI) and colleagues Brian Johnson (PI, Bronx Zoo), Sarah Thomas (Co-PI, Zoological Society of London), and Murray Saunders (Co-PI, Lancaster University) were awarded an NSF Science Learning+ grant for their project on Investigating the Long-Term Impacts of Science Learning at Zoos and Aquariums (information available at:


Jenn Thomsen, postdoctoral scholar in the Social Ecology Lab, was selected as part of the Stanford Woods Institute’s Rising Environmental Leaders 2014-2015 Program Cohort. Congratulations, Jenn!


Nicole Ardoin was awarded the Executive Director’s Award from the North American Association for Environmental Education for her service to the association.


Handbook for program officers and grantees, authored by CR Hibbs, visiting scholar in the Stanford Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society, was published; Nicole Ardoin is the PI and Kathleen O’Connor worked as a research assistant on this Hewlett Foundation-funded project.


Lab member Nicola Ulibarri was awarded the 2014 Goldsmith Writing Award in Dispute Resolution from the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation at the Stanford Law School for her article titled, “Collaboration in Federal Hydropower Licensing: Impacts on process, outputs, outcomes.” The article will be published in Public Performance and Management Review.


Amanda Cravens defended her dissertation titled, Evaluating software in environmental conflict resolution: The role of MarineMap in coastal planning and decision making in California. Congratulations, Dr. Cravens!


Congratulations to PhD graduates Heather Lukacs (EIPER) and Kathayoon Khalil (GSE), as well as all of the other Stanford University graduates!


Kathayoon Khalil successfully defended her dissertation titled, “Social Learning Systems in Zoo and Aquarium Education: Networks and communities of practice.” In September she will be starting a new position as the Director of Evaluation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. Congratulations, Dr. Khalil!


Heather Lukacs completed her dissertation on Community-Based Watershed Restoration in Appalachia. Congratulations, Dr. Lukacs!


Noa Lincoln completed his dissertation titled, The Ethno-agroecology of the Kona Field System in Hawaii: Co-evolution of Environment, Agricultural Practice, and Society. Congratulations, Dr. Lincoln!


Lab member Dan Reineman (EIPER) was awarded a Goldman Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship through the Woods Institute for the Environment for his dissertation research, titled “Californians and the Coast: The role of access.”


Environmental Education: A Brief Guide for U.S. Grantmakers produced in collaboration with the Cedar Tree Foundation, NAAEE, Woods Institute for the Environment, and the EE Collaborative and written by Prof. Ardoin was shared at the Blue Sky Funders Forum in Baltimore, MD.


Lab Member Amanda Cravens was awarded the 2013 Goldsmith Writing Prize in Conflict Resolution from the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation for her forthcoming article titled “Needs Before Tools: Using Technology in Environmental Conflict Resolution,” being published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly.


Lab Members Marilyn Cornelius, Rachelle Gould, and Mehana Vaughan receive E-IPER PhD degrees in June 2013 commencement ceremony; Lauren Oakes and Dan Reineman receive awards for mentoring (Oakes) and teaching (Reineman)


Lab Member Dan Reineman receives 2013 Centennial Teaching Assistant Award


Hannah Rich, advised by Prof. Ardoin, receives Firestone Award for outstanding honors thesis, “Seeding Survival: The Value of School Gardens in Under-Resourced Communities in Cape Town”


Social Ecology Lab Members Dan Reineman and Aaron Strong selected as Haas Graduate Public Service (GPS) Fellows for 2013-2014


Girls Learning Environment and Energy (GLEE) curriculum, developed by Prof. Ardoin (GSE/Woods), Prof. Tom Robinson (Med School), postdoctoral researcher Dr. Hilary Boudet (now at Oregon State), Dr. Carrie Armel (Precourt Energy Efficiency Center), Dr. June Flora (H-STAR), and lab members Kathayoon Khalil and Kathleen O’Connor, along with research team (pictured), is available online:


Winter 2012/2013 Environmental Education Research Bulletin


Social Ecology Lab Member Rachelle Gould’s dissertation work on forest restoration and Hawaiian upland forests shared through community-based performance of hula, music, and spoken word


Social Ecology Lab Member Rachelle Gould selected as a Haas Public Service Fellow


Summer 2012 Environmental Education Research Bulletin


Social Ecology Lab Member Noa Lincoln selected as a Switzer Fellow


Nicole Ardoin speaks at the NSF National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center’s Inaugural Conference on Synthesis Education


Nicole Ardoin’s work with the Woods Institute’s Interdisciplinary Problem Solving Teaching model highlighted


Social Ecology Lab Member Noa Lincoln’s work highlighted in Hawaiian Airlines magazine:


Winter 2011/2012 Environmental Education Research Bulletin


Lab members Kathayoon Khalil and Noa Lincoln selected as 2011-2012 Haas Center Graduate Public Service Fellows


Lab members Rachelle Gould, Diego Roman, and Nicola Ulibarri participated in the Woods Institute for the Environment’s DCBootcamp program over Spring Break 2012


Nicole Ardoin selected as a member of the inaugural class of the Women’s Voice and Influence Program of the Clayman Institute for Gender Studies (2011-2012)


Nicole Ardoin and lab members Amanda Cravens, Lauren Oakes, and Nicola Ulibarri highlighted in the Stanford Alumni Magazine cover article on Sophomore College course on Water in the West as Seen from a Raft in the Grand Canyon


Nicole Ardoin quoted in article about National Park Service expanding reach into STEM in Education Week


Nicole Ardoin quoted in article about using national parks as climate change education grounds in Scientific American


Nicole Ardoin served as faculty lead on interdisciplinary course on Mountain Lions of Jasper Ridge


Nicole Ardoin served as faculty lead and lab member Dan Reineman participated in interdisciplinary problem-solving course on stormwater runoff in Pacific Grove


Summer 2011 Environmental Education Research Bulletin

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